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Welcome Salem-Keizer Parents
This section of the Web site is just for you. It has links to key information about our schools, schedules, policies, curriculum, etc. This section of the web site is organized in two ways: by subject and in alphabetical order. If you cannot locate the information you need, please call our General Information line at 503-399-3000 or e-mail

Parent Center: organized by subject

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School Contact

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General Information

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bulletParent Handbook
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bulletPreschool Program
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bulletTalented and Gifted Department (TAG)


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bulletRegistering Your Child for School
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Parent Center: in alphabetical ordersupperline

Absence Reporting Line: Phone numbers to call if you need to report your child's absence from school.

Alternative Education Programs: Information about and links to Alternative Education Programs.

Athletic Participation and Student Fees: Information and forms for participating in school-sponsored sports, and information on current student fees.


Bell Times (Schools): A listing of when schools start and end each day.

Bus Routes: Information on bus stops and routes.


Calendars: Includes the school year calendar, district meetings and events, high school sports schedule and the staff calendar.

Closure/Delay and Emergency Info: Information on school closures and delays due to bad weather or an emergency.

Complaint Process: Procedures for filing a formal complaint with the school district.

Contact Information: School and department phone numbers, addresses and e-mails.


District Information: A collection of information about Salem-Keizer Public Schools, including our School Board, facts, demographics, test scores, current enrollment numbers, Strategic Directions, departments, policies and rules, etc.

Dress Code Middle | High School: Current policy on student dress code for middle and high schools.


English Language Learner Services/Compensatory Education Programs: Information on our programs to help students learn English, as well as information on our compensatory programs, such as Homeless, Migrant, Early-Childhood/Headstart services.


Find Your Local School: How to locate your local school based on your home address. Information also includes school boundary maps and the school feeder system (which elementary goes to which middle school, etc.)


Immunization Requirements: Current vaccination requirements needed for your child to attend school.

Internet Use: Our school district's Internet Use policy small pdf icon

Internet Use Exclusion form: English small pdf icon | Spanish small pdf icon
If a parent or guardian does not wish their child to have access to the Internet, a signed copy of this form must be submitted to the school office. For more information, click here small pdf icon


Lunch Menu: A link to our Food Services department for a current listing of what's being served for lunch.

Mealtime Online: A MealTime Online account allows you to make a deposit into your student's MealTime Point of Sale account, or simply view account activity.


Meal Program (Free and Reduced): Information and forms for applying for the Free and Reduced Meal Program.


No Child Left Behind Act Information: A collection of information about the No Child Left Behind Act, such as Adequate Yearly Progress, School Choice and Persistently Dangerous Schools.


Parent Handbook (Elementary): A reference guide for parents of elementary students. It includes procedures and policies parents need to be aware of.

Pay for Meals Online: Use your credit card to pay for your child's school meals.

Phone Numbers and Addresses (Schools): A one-page quick list of all school phone numbers and addresses.

Policies and Rules (District): A link to our school district policies and rules that govern our programs, services and activities.

Preschool Program: Information on our tuition-based preschool programs available for three- and four-year olds.


Registering Your Child for School: A quick overview of what you need to know and do if you are registering your child to attend one of our schools.

Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: A quick overview of the key policies and rules that impact your child, such as our discipline policy.


Safety Town/Cautious Kids Program: Our summer safety program for young students.

Schools: Information on all of our schools.

School Report Cards: Information and links to our school report cards distributed by the Oregon Department of Education.

Sex Abuse and Internet Crime Prevention Training: Our district is taking a proactive role in preventing sex abuse and internet crime against children. One way is to inform parents and staff of potential warning signs and hazards. Several training sessions are held each school year at various locations.

SK Online (Web-based School): Our online school and available classes your child can take via the Internet.

Student Services (Counseling, Health, Special Education,etc.): Information on our Counseling, Guidance, Health and Special Education services.

Supplies List: A list of supplies your child will need for the start of school.


Talented and Gifted Department (TAG): Information on the TAG program.

Transfer Process: How to apply for an in-district transfer (school to school) or an out-of-district (district to district) transfer so your child can attend a school that's not in his/her local area.


Useful Links: A collection of links to state and national education web sites


Volunteer Opportunities: Information on how to become a volunteer or mentor in our school district.


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